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Bird carvers

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Like all of you, my wife and I have been staying at home and doing our best to stay healthy, happy and busy. No doubt these are challenging times as we do battle with an invisible, potentially deadly enemy. The months ahead will shed new light upon the direction this will take us.

I care very deeply about the health and well-being of each and every one of you and will do nothing to possibly endanger the health of anyone. Classes for are filling up quickly! If you are considering a class, please don't hesitate to confirm your participation.

Check out the schedule. Unfortunately, the AprilWard World Championships has been cancelled.

bird carvers

This would have been the 50th year of Ward events and an important milestone in the history of decorative bird carving. Floyd has embarked into a new carving arena that adds fulfillment to his love for music and instruments that make beautiful sound, PRS Guitars.

At the Paul Reed Smith guitar factory in June, displaying my art. Birds, woodcarving and guitars. It don't get any better!

Hello friends and fellow carvers! Class Schedule Classes for are filling up quickly! Interested in a Floyd Scholz Original? Floyd welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project. I look forward to seeing everyone next year.Tom's mission is to make it possible to bring the feel of the outdoors into the home or office.

He is known for the diversified presentation of his work, using interesting and unusual weathered natural woods along with figured hardwoods finished rustically or matched to the colors and textures of his finished carvings. Tom is self taught and has used the experience of conquering challenges to perfect his understanding of the dynamics of specific behavior, so that he can bring a lifelike quality to his work.

Welcome to my woodbird website. If you are interested in seeing the process of creating a bird carving, please continue through the rest of the site. In the gallery section you will see some of the finished carvings completed over the last forty years, with a special section of pieces that are available for purchase.

Recently Finished Pieces. Bald Eagle. Marsh Hawk Barred Owl. Ring-necked pheasant. American Woodcock Great-horned owl plack. Belted kingfisher. Western sandpiper White-tailed kite. Ruby-throated humming birds.

Fulvous tree duck Saw-whet owl. Mute Swan. Killdeer Snow bunting. Meadowlark House wrens. Least Bittern. Tom Ahern.At no stage are you left to guess. At no moment are you required to have artistic inspiration, genius or extra skill. Where to cut, which tools to use and how to use them. Compare this to trial and error.

And you will achieve this because you will be gently guided in text and photos, every step of the way. Jason Ridge JasonRidgePhoto. Rachel rtpiper. BestBritishHandmade tbobhandmade. Anita Gwynn Gwynnita. Absolutely beautiful… Thats some talent you have! Like you I have always had that creative urge but, from an early age, life sort of got in the way. I passed through school wanting to learn — and was encouraged to learn.

For years I worked hard for a living in a variety of jobs and managed to spend the few hours remaining with family life in experimenting with various ways of representing birds artistically. I started with painting and then developed to wood carving. It shows you the same techniques that allowed me to excel in what I do. It will allow YOU to thoroughly enjoy wood carving and take pleasure from one of the most rewarding hobbies for the rest of your life.

bird carvers

Secrets of the Bird Carver helps amateur carvers and that includes complete beginners to make beautiful carvings. To find out why…. It helps you to improve the specific areas that let your carvings down so that the elements you are already really good at can shine through.

You may well pick up tips and techniques that improve your carvings further but the course is aimed much more at beginner and intermediate carvers.Ira Frost Birdcarvings. To own a realistic bird carving by Ira Frost is to have an original, one-of-a-kind sculpture. Even though he may carve the same species of bird, each sculpture has its own personality. Ira's wood carvings start from an original hand drawing of a bird which captures its true essence.

He then transfers the design onto tupelo wood.

“ATTENTION: Do you have this priceless gift and not even know it?”

Then he uses tools which enable him to carve with extremely fine detail. It is this detail that contributes to the realism of his pieces. To further enhance the realism of his birds he wood burns feather texture onto the birds. He then uses superb painting skills to capture the bird's true coloring with acrylic paint. Finally, the bird is mounted on a unique piece of driftwood in a setting indicative to where it might be seen in the wild.

The setting is made with beautifully hand-crafted leaves, grasses, flowers, and even insects crafted from a variety of materials such as wood or brass. Ira Frost carves all species of birds in any size, from life-sized to miniature. You may find a carving you like from the ones he has already created or you may place an order from your specifications.

He can design a unique piece for your home or as a special gift. All rights reserved. Realistic hand carved and hand painted birds. View on Mobile.On this site you will see some of the most beautiful and unique wood carvings of birds in the world. Check back often as Marilyn is always adding new carvings to this website. Just follow the blue arrow. Marilyn's Hand- Carved Birds Make.

bird carvers

The Perfect Gift. Carvings are gifts that keep on giving. Would you like to receive a gift like this? Need a gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc.?

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A gift that keeps on giving for years to come? Want to give a gift that is truly uniquepersonal, and different from any present they will get? Marilyn's birds are signed by her, provided with a transferable Certificate of Authenticity, and each bird is a collectable that can grow in value to be passed on to others. Marilyn found the world of decoy and wild bird carving competitions as an art form while living on the West Coast.

She has won numerous competitions in both the USA and Canada. Her carvings are currently displayed in many private collections, museums, and art galleries. I treat each as an individual piece of original art as well as an educational tool. Marilyn began carving birds out of wood in after attending the Pacific Southwest Wildfowl Art Show. Marilyn learned to carve by working with carvers who taught her the basic carving techniques. In addition, she took courses in ornithology the study of birds including their physiology, classification, ecology, and behavior.

It is here she observes many of the birds she loves to carve. Note: Bird carvings shown in this website can have color and color intensity that varies from other birds of the same species due to: Male or female, age of the bird, time of the year, habitat or region, breeding season, and diet.

Yellowlegs Shorebird Preening. Carving of decorative and decoy shore birds decoys, wooden birds, wildlife art,Then you've come to the right place!

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View our entire collection of carved wood bird sculptures below! Highly detailed hand-carved and painted life-size sculptures.

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These highly detailed wood bird carvings make a wonderful gifts for bird lovers! These beautiful life-like bird table pieces are made from a rugged composite material and will last years. Collect the all! Add to Cart.

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Backyard Classic Northern Cardinal Female. Handcrafted and Handpainted by skilled artisans. Backyard bird enthusiasts will appreciate this quality work of wildlife art! Crafted out of durable polyresin. The Northern Cardinal Female sculpture has a brass peg on each foot that locks it on the branch. The cardinal can be removed from his branch and set anywhere. Our Backyard Songbirds are a perfect fit for any season porch, mantle, desk or tabletop.

The beauty of the Northern Cardinal is sure to add color and life to any decorative situation in your home, and is a great gift idea for the bird watcher or wildlife enthusiast. Backyard Classic Northern Cardinal Male. The Northern Cardinal Male sculpture has a brass peg on each foot that locks it on the branch.

Carved American Goldfinch Female 1. Highly detailed hand carved and painted Life-Size sculpture of the female American Goldfinch. Each carving is signed by the artist and is handmade in the USA. Carved American Goldfinch Male 1. Highly detailed hand carved and painted Life-Size sculpture of the male American Goldfinch.

“ATTENTION: Do you have this priceless gift and not even know it?”

Carved American Goldfinch Male 2. Carved American Goldfinch Pair. Carved American Kestrel. Highly detailed hand carved and painted Life-size sculpture of the American Kestrel. Carved American Kestrel on Branch. Highly detailed hand carved and painted life-size sculpture of the American Kestrel perched on a branch.

Carved American Redstart 1. Highly detailed hand carved and painted Life-Size sculpture of the American Redstart. Carved American Redstart 2. Carved American Robin 5" 2.

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Highly detailed hand carved and painted Life-Size sculpture of the American Robin. Carved Baltimore Oriole 2. Highly detailed hand carved and painted Life-Size sculpture of the Baltimore Oriole.Carving Basics.

The wood is Tillia Americana - American linden or basswood as it is more commonly known. This tree grows in the northeast quadrant of the U. Once the trees are found, a sawmill is contacted to cut and haul them to be sawed.

Then for me, the work begins. I usually work with the sawyer so that the boards are sawed to my exact specifications. One of the most important rules is to stay at least one inch away from the heart or core of the tree. This area is unstable and will cause unwanted checking and splitting as the wood dries.

All pieces are cut four and a quarter inches thick and at least six inches wide. Here is what I mean when I say this is where the work begins.

bird carvers

Since green basswood weighs forty two pounds per. After sawing, the boards are loaded into the truck and brought home to be stacked for drying. Three quarter inch slats are used between each layer so the air can circulate throughout the pile. The ends are coated with an end sealer so that they.

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It is then taken indoors and stacked in an unheated room, where the moisture level drops another five percent within about a month or so. It is now ready to use. Just about all of the tools that I use for carving are hand tools except for a six inch sanding disc on a slow speed motor that is used for smoothing the rough carving marks.

When I started carving over forty years ago, no motorized tools were being used for carving. I've tried them, but could never get used to them. No matter, one of the things that I enjoy the most is taking a big chunk of basswood and attacking it with a nice sharp gouge - this is real carving.

Reynoldsburg Woodcarver Bill Douglas Talks Comfort Birds

There is nothing else like running a razor sharp tool through a piece of air dried basswood. Nearly all of the tools that I use have come from Woodcraft supply.

They are on the net at www. Even though the above tool cabinet shows hundreds of tools, the favorites that I use most are shown in the closeup above. Some tools come sharp from the factory.

Al Jordan Birds

If not, they are sharpened initially on a slow speed grinder with a one hundred twenty grit stone wheel very carefully so as to not overheat the tip of the tool and ruin the temper of the steel. The edge of the tool. This wheel is pictured above. It is basically a motorized hone and brings up a razor sharp edge with ease. Now that the wood is dry and the tools are sharp, you might think that it is time to start carving. Well, not quite yet. First of all, a pattern needs to be drawn.

To do this you need enough reference material to give you all of the detail that you will need for the carving. I enjoy photography so any time that there is a chance to take pictures of an unusual bird I will jump on it. By taking photos yourself, you can get a full three hundred sixty degree view of your subject. This way, you are sure to have all of the.

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